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I forgot who I took this from but STILL

I forgot to add the rules, but I didn't even see any, so let's say there are no rules. >:U
[x] you are not disgusted by blood
[ ] you have gone hunting b4
[] your hair is wild 
[x] u sleep a lot 
[x] u have screamed
[] u dont want to die
total: 3 

[ ] u like 2 jump 
[X ] u get scared a lot
[x] u are vicious 
[x] outdoors = beautiful
[ ] u do NOT own a dog
[x] u wanna travel
total: 7

[ ] ur hair is Red
[ ] u have a lot of legs
[x] u know some karate 
[x] u like burgers
[x] u like money
[X] u are cheap  
total: 11

[x] u are a good listener
[ ] u like clean humor 
[x] u know what bondage is
[ ] u are happy
[X ] u have broken a heart
[x] you've cried over anime 

[ ] u enjoy vegans
[x] u eat vegetables
[X ] u hate a lot of ppl
[X ] u like vampires
[X ] u believe in water
[/] u are a sore loser
total: 19.2

Big Spider
[ ] ur hair is long
[ ] ur legs are thin 
[x] uve never broken a bone
[X] u hate everyone
[ ] u dont mind mosquitos
[] u hate it when its cold
total: 21.2

[ ] cookies are gross
[x] u have 2 siblings 
[x] ur skin is soft
[/] u would rather die than lose at mario kart [cAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR DUDE]
[x] u follow the rules
[x] u use the uwu face
total: 26

[x] u like horses
[ ] u dont like pencils
[/] u believe in peace
[] ur fav disney princess is mulan
[x] u had an emo phase
[/] u think kids are cute
total: 29

  • Listening to: Moosik
  • Reading: RP comments
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Trying to defeat VFD WHICH I CAN'T EVEN DO--
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Nothing
Just to let everyone with some due requests from me that I'll be finishing them up and submitting them as fast as I can. I can't guarantee that I'll submit them today, due to work, but I'll try to fit in as much time as I can to at least submit two.
Thank you for your time to listen to me, and sorry for the huge delay. I'm kinda busy, so...

Anyways, please look at my sister's new account, and give a watch to her. Her art is really nice I think I'll die. ;v;;
  • Listening to: A Certain Prophet's Fate [Reiji Sakamaki]
  • Reading: My work
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Nothing
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Flavoured Water
Happy to have found out that TheLivingPhenox and TokyoSoftwareNo8 tagged me o'':

1: Write the rules or copy and paste them.
2: Write 13 things about yourself.
3: Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you and make your own 13 questions.
4: Tag 13 deviants.
5: Make sure they know that they are tagged.
6: Don't say "You're tagged if you read this"
7: It's forbidden to not tag anyone.
8: Tag backs are allowed.
9: If you don't make this tag in a week, you HAVE to obey a single wish of the person who tagged you. (So that means I'll have to obey the two peepul that tagged me) o'':

Things about me:
1. I have an annoying Cinnamon Conure.
2. I play Pokemon Moon (Feel free to send a comment to me if you wanna battle or whatnot)
3. I play the violin.
4. I get entertained by thinking. But hours pass when I think like that...
5. I still think salmon heads or their scale pattern looked poisonous. Like neechan
6. I'm an Aquarian. Like meechan :^D (TokyoSoftwareNo8)
7. I'm the bold type. Expressionless and bold.
8. I like Japanese sweets.
9. I like hearing the family bird growl and quack at us. It's not intimidating at the least.
10. There's always some kind of blizzard on my birthday.
11. I like having anime style slender glasses.
12. I love to pet my Pokèmon.
13. I flinch at loud sounds. I have a large hearing range, you see...


1. Do you prefer Singleplayer games or online games?
I like doing multiplayer, but single player is cool.

2. Love life?
Never had one, never will. Mark my words. I omly fall for hot anime guys.

3. Are you good or bad in school?
I have no idea whatsoever.

4. Job?
I want to do digital and physical engineering. .. Along with being a mangaka and a musician. Or less, I don't want to be busy.

5. Favourite animal?
It has to be something mythical. Either that or cats.

6. Favourite Food?

7. Favourite game and why?
Pokèmon and Devil Survivor. Oh, and Dragon•III Code: VFD.

8. Birthday?
I keep it a secret 'till it comes, you'll see
Ah crap it's not on there... It's 02/02.
9. Worst fear!
Loud sounds and closed spaces.

10. Something you love
Anime. And my clipboard.

11. Favourite colour
Crimson Red.

12. Favourite place to go and live?
Somewhere in Japan.

13. What's the one thing in the world that you wanna achieve?
Maybe getting an anime of my own would be sweet.

(TokyoSoftwareNo8's questions)
1. What instrument would you love to play?

2. Any gaming platforms?
Just a ds lite that soneone took away from me

3. Any pets?
I can't name all of them

4. Horoscope sign?

5. Any annoying neighbors?

6. Favorite anime?
For now, Devil Survivor 2.

7. ... Uhh, Which one: RPG or full control action games(Super Smash Brothers Brawl, Mario Kart 7, etc.)?
Well you said no rules so both >:^)
8. Vocaloid or BTS(Honestly I haven't heard any of their songs yet, but sugaryDragon413 recommended them to me)?
Vocaloid since I've never heard any of BTS' s songs yet

9. Manga or Anime? You can't say both.

10. How about schoolwork?
I get frusturated at times

12. How many deviantart friends or watchers do you have?
I have no idea
But only some of them pay attention to me and I'm REALLY grateful

13. Last question. On a scale of 1 - 1000 how lazy are you?
50 - 50 I guess :/

TheLivingPhenox's questions:
1. what do you listen to mostly?
Japanese rock, classical music when I work, and anime people's character songs. I listen to a bit of OSTs, though.

2. favorite game?
Anime RPGs luke DS2, Fire Emblem, and Dragon•III Code: VFD.

3. eye color?
Dark brown

4. horoscope?

5. if at first you don't succeed...?
I try again and hopefully I get it :'U If I don't, I just stick there u til I've successfully done it :'''''''U

6. optimistic about the future?
Ehh... fifty fifty. :/

7. stealth games or run n gun?
Run and gun >:^D

8. favorite fruit?
Strawberries and avocados.

9. favorite mythological creature?
Pegasi and dragons and pOKÉMON--

10. dream occupation?
Maybe making a manga and getting an anime.

11. what's the most recent anime you've FINISHED?
Devil Survivor 2, and Owari no Seraph

12. steam or Overwatch account? (I'd love to play some games ^-^)
I honestly don't have one... What's it like?

13. favorite youtuber/channel?
Your YouTube and Markiplier :'U

My questions to YOU >:^)))))

1. First of all... Do you like anime??

2. What about Pokemon? (I'm up for exchanging friend codes and stuff if you're interested)

3. What's the weather outside your place?

4. Am I a bit boring?

5. Do you live in a house or in an apartment?

6. Any pets?

7. Your love life?

8. Favourite band(s)?

9. Do you like the warmth or the cold?

10. Worst fear?

11. Do you draw?

12. What fandom(s) are you currently in?

13. Final question: Have you ever done something you love(d) and got tired of it?

@ SpirittheHedgehog333
@ ShirleyVaga

I don't know anyone else who would most likely do tags so
I finished lol

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

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Stolen from Lawless-chan (Legally-Pink)

Oh and the mature content filter is on because of me thinking that offensive content is in here


[x] You hate your body.
[x] You have starved yourself.
[x] You have low self-esteem.
[ ] You use laxatives.
[x] You need to be skinnier.
[x] People always say you're skinny, but you think you're fat.
[x] People think you are way too skinny. (Not even close wtf)
[x] You skip at least one meal a day.
[x] You limit your calories or check them constantly by compulsion.
Total: 8

[] You are hyper most of the time.
[x] You barely pay attention to anything.
[x] You cannot cooperate with people well.
[]  You seem to never sit still.
[] You talk all the time. {I used to}
[]  You need attention 24/7.
[ ] You aren't very shy.
Total: 10

Bipolar Disorder
[x] You can act wild at times then the next you are severely depressed.
[x]  You are very irritable.
[x] You barely get any or no sleep.
[x] You have very high self-esteem at times.
[ ] You have used or abused alcohol, drugs, or sex.
[x] You have thought of/attempted suicide.
[x]  You have the worst mood swings of anyone you know.
Total: 16

Bulimia Nervosa
[] You've thrown up all your food at one time.
[] You've thrown it up even when you don't feel sick.
[ x] You have little control over how you eat.
[ ] You use laxatives.
[x] You eat fast.
[ ] You have overly exercised to where you almost fainted/passed out.
[ ] People think you are way too skinny.
Total: 17

Conduct Disorder
[ ] You are a bully.
[x] You threaten other people.
[x] You often find yourself in fights.
[] You have used a weapon that could cause injury to others.
[x] You are cruel to humans and/or animals. {Only my OCs.} : D
[ ] You have raped/molested someone.
[x] You destroy property on purpose.
[/] You always lie.
[ ]  You've stayed out all night.
[x]  You have considered/attempted to run away from home.
Total: 22.5

[x] You are always, or normally, feel sad.
[] You always, or normally, are crying.
[x] You find no hope in your future.
[x] You no longer find excitement over the activities you used to love.
[x] You always find yourself around the house or in bed all day.
[x] You are anti-social.
[x] You have low self-esteem.
[x] Everything bad that happens is always your fault. {Or that's what I think}
[x] Hope is no longer there for you.
Total: 31.5

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
[x] You have disturbing thoughts or thoughts you hate.
[x] You have to do a certain thing until it feels right.
[/] You have to keep things in a certain order.
[x] You have harmed yourself.
[x] You are afraid you will get an STD, or AIDS.
[x] You have to check some stuff over again.
Total: 37

Schizophrenia / Anxiety
[] You often have hallucinations or sudden memories you can't escape.
[x] You can be confused about reality and fantasy.
[x] You think people are always staring or talking about you.
[x] You have an extreme anxiety or fearfulness.
[x] You have difficulty with relationships with family, friends, and opposite/same
[x] You do not take care of your hygiene as much as others say you should.
[x] You are very shy.
[x] You often talk to yourself. {Well     I talk to stuffed animals} :'(
Total: 44

Darkness :iconlennyfaceplz:
[x] You listen to songs with dark meanings.
[/] You are influenced by dark media and tones.
[/] You are a goth by Urban Dictionary definition 1.
[] You often plot crimes in your head for fun.
[x] You are not to be trusted with a weapon.
[x] Your favorite color is black. {And blood red}
[ ] You prefer evil over good in movies (no??? Unless the good deserve the bad endings like them being little twats. :V)
[x] You are most often alone.
[x] You prefer to be cold rather than warm
[x] Next to Black, your favorite color is a dark shaded color.
[x] War fascinates you. (Actually it kind of does lol)
[x] You like violence and gore (I fucking draw shit like this constantly????)
[?] You are rebellious. {I don't know what you mean-- but if you mean emo, totally}
Total: 53


0-5: You're very normal.
6-15: You're fine.
16-20: You might be okay.
21-30: You have problems.
31-35: You have really bad problems. You might need to see a therapist.
It's because I won't be using my literature account anytime soonish, because I'm still improving my writing skills.
Should I hand it down/share it with my sister? Or do I keep it as it is, and keep writing shit? Do I put YCHs, lineart, P2Us, and commissions in it, or do I
post my vent and some other useless shit in there? Maybe use it as a blog? no, I don't feel the need to put that there.

It would be really, really awesome if I got your opinions, because I'm so baffled on what to do there. ;<;

Nothing negative, I just agree. <3
If any of you know my main series, Sekai Ni Taisuru, You can join my newly made group.
Hishiku-Kakuritsu [I don't have a FricKIN' ICON]

And I'm going to go to my cousin's place right now, so see you all later. ^^

Hope these help-- And I hope you succeed. First link is a tip, and the tags on the left side might provide some help, I guess.……… {Might some sheet metal work? [scrap metal] Idk if it's safe, though}……

So my washing machine broke, my tablet was confiscated, I was greeted with a depressing pik, I was suddenly awoken by neechan who's at moosik camp right now, and I'm so busy with the requests, a few sketch gifts, I need to jot some ideas down, and I have more than enough work to do. >:C
So I've been thinking about what gory ideas I should make, like vent related.
Or something Halloween related.
If you're willing to give some ideas, please comment. Thank you!
In return I'll draw a gift for you if I have some time. Same with the commissions. ^^

I just went to my eye appointment an hour ago, also, so my eyes don't have good focus right now, and such.

Those eyedrops suck. But they feel kinda nice lol

And one last thing, can everyone share my commissions journal? Because I'm not getting any sales.
Thanks for your help. ^^

And if I have a request you wanted, or a gift, that I may have forgotten about, please tell me.
I have a lot of time before I go do my work.

PassionateAmateur is hosting a 100 point raffle, so please look at that. Thank you!


:bulletblack: If you can't afford anything, or you stumble upon this journal, just share this journal with your watchers, please.

Bullet; Red Blood and gore is allowed!! Any level!

Bullet; Orange No complicated characters or designs.

Complicated character's head designs and others are +50 Points, so 150Points for the complicated stuff.

Bullet; Yellow Please give me time to do your commission if you ever request one... I'm busy. No bugging, either.

Bullet; Green Any headshot rotation is fine, just as long as it's a headshot!! :^)

Bullet; Blue If I ever get a graphics tablet, or a drawing tablet, I will be more than happy to outline your commission in your desired colours... Just as long as you tell me which goes where, and what does what.




100 :points:, sketch costs 50 :points:.

Genderbend Daichiyaki Headshot by FlarixAverenton
50 + :points: for the complicated designs.
A choice of Japanese [Hiragana, Katakana, or Kanji] is an additional 5 :points:.
 I need a reference of the anthro headshot you want done, also.
The finished result will look like the picture above.



500 :points:

Magical Koi Fishie by FlarixAverenton
+100 :points for another animal added in.
Give me a picture of the design and marine animal you want done.
Pastel color Japanese characters, [Hiragana, Katakana, or Kanji] is an additional 10 points.



Flat sketch costs 50:points:,

Bust, 100:points:, Half body 200:points:, and

Full body is 280 :points:.

Basically something that needed to happen by FlarixAverenton
A background choice is +100 :points:.
light / shading effects cost an extra 10 :points:
full body costs 280 :points:.
Bust costs 100 :points:.
Half body costs 200 :points:.
Please provide me with a reference of the characters you want done.


This journal will be updated later on. If you spread this, thank you much, same to the buyers.

for the people who watch me who watch:


  • Listening to: Anything able to be listened to -- ONLY JAPANEEESE
  • Reading: Anything able to be read -- NOTHING PERVY
  • Watching: Anything that you can imagine -- NOT SEX TAPE
  • Playing: Anything able to be played with -- NO DIRTY

:DarkRed-orb: Fire-orb YellowOrb Stolen from Salvagio2001 Green-orb :skyblue-orb: Violet-orb 

Avalarian Orb What do you do on YouTube?:DarkRed-orb: 
Just anime and other stuffs
Avalarian Orb  What is the best art you have made?Orange-orb 
Just these three:
GIVE ME AN ANSWER, YOU ARSE by FlarixAverentonGenderbend Daichiyaki Headshot by FlarixAverentonMagical Koi Fishie by FlarixAverenton
Avalarian OrbWhat are your favorite games?Tangerine Orb 
Zyon, And other Japanese Anime games
Avalarian OrbWhat grade/year group are you in (optional)?Fire-orb 

Avalarian OrbFavorite food?YellowOrb 
Sushi, fish, and idk what else
Avalarian OrbInspiration/who you look up toGreen-orb 
This little shit that I frickin listen to all the frickin time:


Avalarian OrbHow many pets, and what, do you have?:skyblue-orb: 
A zoo

Avalarian OrbWhat's the most exciting thing that ever happened to you?Ultrablue Orb 
I don't recall

Avalarian OrbFavourite animals?Violet-orb 
Koi fish and cats

Avalarian Orb  What fandoms are you in?Pastelpurple-orb 
My own series, my Neechan's, and Sonikku.

  • Listening to: Anything able to be listened to -- ONLY JAPANEEESE
  • Reading: Anything able to be read -- NOTHING PERVY
  • Watching: Anything that you can imagine -- NOT SEX TAPE
  • Playing: Anything able to be played with -- NO DIRTY
Stolen from LunaToDraw  --


/ - I’m too shy to talk to you

✩ - You inspire me

☼ - You make me smile

☏ - I wish we’d talk more

✌- I want to get to know you

☺ - I want to be your friend

#- I want to thank you

✓ - I like you

♣ - I want to cuddle you

❀ - I think I’m falling for you

* - I want to kiss you

♥ - I’m in love with you

∞ - I want to date you

© - Will you be mine?

♂ I’m a boy and I have a crush on you

♀ I am a girl and I have a crush on you

○ I am nonbinary and I have a crush on you

☀ You’re beautiful

☹ I hate you

♡ I love you

☼ I wish we were friends

⌘ I love your art

♫ I relate to you

⊗ Please delete your deviantart

⋆ I want to know you in real life

⁂ You are my deviantart crush

∞ I want to be your boyfriend/girlfriend/datefriend

≈ I think you are a horrible person

₪ I think you are a wonderful person

  • Listening to: x
  • Reading: x
  • Watching: x
  • Playing: x
  • Eating: x
  • Drinking: x
Has anyone seen my new [and one of my first] compositions yet?
here it is:

  • Listening to: x
  • Reading: x
  • Watching: x
  • Playing: x
  • Eating: x
  • Drinking: x
Thas it

I'm outta points

  • Listening to: x
  • Reading: x
  • Watching: x
  • Playing: x
  • Eating: x
  • Drinking: x
I kind of need some advice on where I can get
a LOT of free :points:.
Do any of you have any suggestions?

  • Listening to: A growling conure
  • Reading: x
  • Watching: x
  • Playing: With the bird on my hed
  • Eating: x
  • Drinking: x
  • Listening to: A whining Shih Tzu & a Wheet Wheet birb
  • Reading: x
  • Watching: x
  • Playing: x
  • Eating: x
  • Drinking: x

:bulletred: REQUESTS::bulletred:


Progress Bar - Kitty (6) by StarriiChan
Progress Bar - Kitty (2) by StarriiChan
Progress Bar - Kitty (1) by StarriiChan [NEEDS A REDO]

Progress Bar - Kitty (1) by StarriiChan
Progress Bar - Kitty (1) by StarriiChan
Progress Bar - Kitty (1) by StarriiChan 

Progress Bar - Kitty (1) by StarriiChan
Progress Bar - Kitty (1) by StarriiChan
Progress Bar - Kitty (1) by StarriiChan


:iconsailorx161: Progress Bar - Kitty (1) by StarriiChan